Multimedia Package I Ford Transit (with single reversing camera)

Multimedia Package I Ford Transit (with single reversing camera)

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Product details
  • Suitable for vehicles manufactured by: Dethleffs
  • Model range / model: suitable for all T-models on Ford Transit
  • Chassis: Ford Transit
  • Model years: from 2023
Product description
Multimedia Package I Ford Transit (with single reversing camera)

The Dethleffs Multimedia Package incorporates state-of-the-art infotainment for your Dethleffs motor home:

• It consists of the ZENEC Z-N965 sat-nav that's been specifically customised for Dethleffs and the original Dethleffs single reversing camera 

• The package also contains the following parts: Adapter cable for the camera and a radio switch for operating the radio without the ignition on

• VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY: The Z-N965 unit fits vehicles that have a dashboard with a direct 1-DIN device mount or a vehicle-specific 1-DIN mounting kit.

Other product highlights:

Zenec Z-N965:

  •  Capacitive 22.9 cm/9“ screen
  •  3D motor home navigation with maps package for 47 countries
  •  Free map updates for three years (optionally also available for seven years)
  •  P.O.I. package with 20,000 caravan & camping sites
  •  Reversing camera connection with CAM key for max. 3 cameras
  •  Bluetooth hands-free module
  •  TPEG service with traffic information via DAB+ (country-specific coverage, free version)
  •  The Z-N965 is certified for Apple CarPlay and Google Android AutoTM


Because of the 9-inch display, you should check whether safety-relevant elements of the vehicle's dashboard are covered by the display front of the Z-N965 and whether it impairs their function, e.g. warning lights, airbag modules or other control panels in the cockpit. ZENEC accepts no liability for the loss of the vehicle's ABE and/or consequential costs that can be causally attributed to concealed vehicle-specific controls following installation of the Z-N965. Depending on the vehicle model, the function of storage compartments and document holders etc. may also be impaired.

Single reversing camera:

  •  Unique appearance - integrated into the vehicle design
  •  The latest camera generation with integrated night vision function
  •  High-resolution colour premium sensors
  •  State-of-the-art sensor technology (no special LED lighting required)
  •  170° perspective
  •  Durable material, sealed lens with lotus effect (no water droplets on the lens)
  •  Constant coloured driving line display is possible
  •  Watertight, CE / E certified

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