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Product details
  • Suitable for vehicles manufactured by: Dethleffs
  • Model range / model: nicht für Esprit I ab MJ 2021, Suitable for all Dethleffs Motorhomes
  • Model years: from 2017
  • Note: Please check in advance whether the size of your rear garage is sufficient for the size of your bicycles
  • Dimensions: The garage should have a height of 98 - 146 cm and a width of 87 - 126 cm
Product description
Bike Carrier

Your bicycle safe in the rear garage. 

The smart, light Dethleffs Bike Carrier transports your bicycles to your holiday destination in a very safe and space-saving way. The system is very simple: The fixed mounting rod can be easily adapted and fitted to any rear garage. On it there are two retaining arms for the bicycles. You can load and fix them very easily: Push the wheel into the front clamp bracket (it will remain there by itself) and fix it with the side retaining arm. When not in use, simply fold away the retaining arms and your rear garage is practically empty.

■ Low payload –  The intrinsic weight of the Bike Carrier when transporting two bicycles is less than 4 kg 

■ Your bicycles are stowed safely inside the vehicle - perfectly protected against theft, vandalism and dirt

■ Easy to install, no additional floor rails required 

■ Bike Carrier for 2 bicycles, can be extended for a maximum of 4 bicycles 

■ Tire mount mainly suitable for bikes with classic MTB tire (width 53-60 cm) and thinner  (road bike and trekking or city bikes)

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