Kärcher low-pressure cleaner OC 3 including accessory box in the exclusive "Dethleffs Camping Edition"

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  • Suitable for vehicles manufactured by: Dethleffs
  • Model range / model: Suitable for all Dethleffs models
  • Model years: Suitable for all years
Kärcher low-pressure cleaner OC 3 including accessory box in the exclusive "Dethleffs Camping Edition"

Your new patron saint of cleaning delivers gentle cleanliness – even when you're on the road!
Whether after a long mountain bike tour or a heavy downpour of rain: We encounter dirt and mud everywhere when camping. The low-pressure cleaner from the professional cleaning company Kärcher is now your own portable patron saint of cleaning. Because this handy cordless appliance is guaranteed to keep your mobile home mud-free. Guaranteed for use without any cables whatsoever, thanks to a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a 4-litre water tank. Has your four-legged friend taken a long mud bath? The gentle low-pressure process will clean his fur softly but thoroughly – and of course all other sensitive surfaces as well. The optionally available holder lets you stow this professional cleaning appliance away in the vehicle in no time at all. An extensive accessory box in the exclusive "Dethleffs Camping Edition" with practical utensils for when you're on the road is also included.

■ The portable cleaning solution for your holiday: Ready for use anywhere and at any time
■ Independent of electricity and water connections thanks to an integrated lithium ion rechargeable battery and a 4-litre water tank
■ Gentle low pressure combined with efficient cleaning performance - specially designed Kärcher nozzle technology ("Made in Germany")
■ Very compact, easily transportable and simple to store cleaning appliance
■ The accessory box (available exclusively from Dethleffs) contains the following components:
o Suction hose: The suction hose for mobile cleaning is adapted to the pressure cleaner and allows the use of alternative water sources such as wells or water canisters.
o Universal brush: The universal brush for ideal cleaning. It is adapted to the pressure cleaner's gun, removes stubborn dirt and is gentle on sensitive components.
o 12 V vehicle adapter cable: The vehicle adapter from Kärcher can be very easily connected to the vehicle's cigarette lighter and to the charger socket of the Mobile Outdoor Cleaners OC 3. This allows you to operate the OC 3 via the car battery (not charged).
o Fur cleaning brush (for animals/dogs): With the fur cleaning brush you can comb stubborn dirt out of animal fur with ease. The pleasantly soft rubber material is flexible and adjusts itself to the animal's shape.
o High-quality microfibre cloth

■ Incl. holder for securing the Kärcher OC3 in your vehicle

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