Smart Battery System 2 block

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  • Camper Van
  • Motorhomes

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Product details
  • Suitable for vehicles manufactured by: Dethleffs
  • Model range / model: AlPa A 6820, Alpa A 7820, Camper Van, Globebus I, Globebus T, Just T, Pulse I , Pulse T, Trend A, Trend I, Trend T
  • Scope of delivery: 1 LI battery (2 blocks), 1 double connecting cable to the AGM battery, operating instructions, fuses
  • Model years: from MJ 2007
  • Dimensions: L 175 mm x H 229 mm x W 127 mm
  • Weight: approx. 6.8 kg
  • Note: Nominal capacity 56 AH (716 Wh) - Usable capacity 50,4 AH (645 Wh)
Product description
Smart Battery System 2 block

Even more charging power for your Dethleffs 

Those who want to charge their batteries in a particularly smart way so that they last for a long time can now retrofit the Smart Battery System (lithium battery) from Dethleffs. The system combines two different types of batteries (AGM and lithium) so that the benefits of both technologies are brought to bear and the durability of the batteries can be significantly increased.  

 It is ideal as a backup battery to increase the available capacity. Compared to retrofitting with a normal AGM battery, this existing lead-acid battery (AGM) can continue to be used and does not need to be replaced. With a battery efficiency of over 90 percent, you can extend the self-sufficiency time to an average of three to five days, depending on the package. Another advantage is the significantly lower weight compared with the normal lead-acid battery. 

 Product advantages:

 • Exclusive product - perfectly matched to the Dethleffs vehicles

• Increasing the service life of the lead-acid battery from Ø approx. 3 years to up to 10 years

• Weight saving of approx. 20 kg with 1/3 of the external dimensions of the LI battery compared to an AGM battery and the same usable capacity as 1 X AGM battery 95 AH.

• Existing charging technology (electric block and, if necessary, additional charger) remains unaffected thanks to intelligent battery management

• Completely winterised system: Great advantages especially in minus temperatures, as the AGM battery takes up charge from the first second and at the same time the integrated heating of the LI battery warms the battery to a temperature of 10 ° C to enable rapid charging.

• Perfect retrofit extension: The 2-block is ideal for customers who want to retrofit a 2nd battery in order to increase the available capacity. Compared to retrofitting with a normal AGM battery, the existing lead-acid battery (AGM) can continue to be used and does not need to be replaced*.

• Flexible: If necessary, the system can easily be expanded with one or more blocks, and step by step is not a problem. The LI battery can be installed in any position; thanks to the narrow design, it can also be installed in smaller niches.

• Optionally available: Display set / change indicator (#3342527)

• Installation of the Dethleffs Smart Battery System must be done by your Dethleffs dealer. For further information, please contact your trade partner.

• 5 year warranty on the battery

*unless it is completely defective - your Dethleffs trade partner would be pleased to advise you

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