Extension set/Bike Carrier

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Product details
  • Suitable for vehicles manufactured by: Dethleffs
  • Model range / model: Suitable for all Dethleffs Motorhomes
  • Model years: from 2017
  • Dimensions: The garage should have a height of 98 - 146 cm and a width of 87 - 126 cm
  • Note: Please check in advance whether the size of your rear garage is sufficient for the size of your bicycles
Product description
Extension set/Bike Carrier

Expansion set – adds 1 extra bicycle to the Dethleffs Bike Carrier basic set. The set includes a front wheel clamping bracket and fastening fixtures, as well as an extra retaining arm. It is exceptionally easy to fit.

■ Tire mount mainly suitable for bikes with classic MTB tire (width 53-60 cm) and thinner  (road bike and trekking or city bikes)

Note: in the case of queen-size bed, it must be checked if installation is possible.

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